Private Duty Nursing

Skilled nursing is provided by registered nurses or licensed practical nurses with specialized care in dialysis, administering medications, nasogastric feeding, blood pressure, disease prevention and wound treatment among other things.  Pioneer offers professional nursing services for clients who need round-the-clock in-home nursing or part-time nursing at home.

Pediatric Home Care

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Pioneer Home Care, Inc. is renowned for its excellence in pediatric care.  Pioneer’s skilled professionals have vast experience in complicated pediatric cases providing home care to recovering, chronically or terminally ill neonates, infants and children.  Pioneer believes that medically complex children thrive when they receive skilled nursing and therapeutic services in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their family.  We provide the highest level of skilled nursing services with caring, friendly nurses who understand the special needs of these children.  Medical plans prescribed by the patient’s doctor are followed thoroughly.  Pioneer is dedicated to meeting the medical requirements of children and their families but also recognizes and supports their cognitive and emotional needs.  Pioneer’s professionals bond with these children and conduct their work with compassion and sensitivity, maximizing the quality of life for each patient.  We value the role of family in the care of their loved one’s illness and we work closely with families to identify useful supports and resources.  Pioneer’s skilled nurses and coordinators are available at all times to respond to client queries and requests - 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Pioneer provides specialized pediatric patient care in ventilators; tracheostomys; B-Pap; C-Pap; G-tubes; seizure disorders, cardiac disorders; diabetes mellitus teaching; post natal care; lovenox and heparin injection; nasogastric feeding care and dialysis care.



"I have been with Pioneer Home Care for over 12 years.  My nurses are very dedicated and provide excellent care to my grandson" - C.R. (Bronx)
"Pioneer has given me peace of mind... My nurses are very reliable" - M.A. (Westchester)


Adult Home Care

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Home health care enables seniors to live independently in the comfort of their homes.  Pioneer Home Care, Inc. helps our patients to live full, healthy lives with our professional nurses and therapists treating a wide range of medical conditions.  For patients living with chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney disease, blood pressure or diabetes, Pioneer will help manage these symptoms.  Pioneer also administers lovnox and herparin injections; nasogastric feeding care and dialysis care.  Pioneer educates its patients to spot potential issues early.  For patients at-risk of falling, Pioneer will work with them to reduce the risk of injury, empowering them in their home environment.  Our team is trained to help manage all wound care needs, including dressing changes and any therapy that may be required.  Furthermore, our nurses help patients and their families manage medication schedules in consultation with the patient's doctor.

Pioneer's compassionate and experienced team is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and reducing avoidable hospitalizations.  Our home health care services ensure that patients receive high-quality, professional medical care, in the comfort and privacy of their homes.  Treatment plans prescribed by a patient's doctor will be followed thoroughly as we help patients regain and sustain their strength and independence.

Pioneer is committed to quality home care therefore our clients and their families can be assured that Pioneer will meet their home care needs.


 "Throughout my toughest times Pioneer has been by my side" - F.L. ( Manhattan)